No one, myself included, expected me to start a men’s skincare company. Even once I identified a massive opportunity after speaking to dozens of men, I had to assess whether such a venture could make the world better in some way (a primary metric I use for all my investments and entrepreneurial pursuits.) Fortunately, those conversations with men of all demographics about their skincare routines or, more often, the lack thereof, it quickly became apparent the sort of transformative vehicle this company I was considering could be.

Masculinity today is a shockingly fragile quality found in most men today. As…

I never cared much about my skin. I was never taught to take care of it, and even though adolescent acne was embarrassing, I assumed I’d grow out of it.

Unfortunately, nearly a decade has passed since I was a teenager, and I have learned that bad habits = bad skin. Whether it’s a poor diet, stress management, alcohol consumption, or lack of hydration, sleep, and exercise, there are countless sources of skincare issues. As a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a “work hard, play hard” mentality, my early adulthood has often been characterized by such harmful tendencies.


My Perspective on the State of our Union

The son of a history professor and a documentarian who studied folklore in college, I’ve always been enamored by tales of the past. Charismatic leaders, revolutionaries, and innovators have been my greatest inspirations. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin were these incendiary, intellectual lightning rods who manifested extraordinary change for humanity because they dared to act. After reading the Classics and a broad array of philosophers and thinkers in college, I concluded that selfless public service and leadership is the most admirable life path.

In college, first at Bard (with a…

I’ve never enjoyed reality television. It’s vain, narcissistic, and shallow. Yet, always the optimist, I believed that I could create a new form of “unscripted television” : something thoughtful and educational, which provided unparalleled insight into the world of entrepreneurship, blockchain technology, and startup investing. If the Kardashians could harness reality TV to create a billion dollar empire and Trump could use it to secure the presidency… my goal felt achievable.

Shortly after releasing the trailer for the Crypto Castle Chronicles, I came to the realization that a show like this (which I only planned to give 5–10% of my…

It wasn’t long after the first few articles came out about the San Francisco home we had rented for my first startup, and I had jokingly dubbed the “Crypto Castle,” did reality television producers start knocking. At that point in time (circa 2016), Bitcoin and blockchain technology were hardly paid attention to let alone, understood, by the general public. …

My trick for never getting tired

An image of the Hindu “Chakra” system, which is not entirely dissimilar from what I outline below.

Rarely a day goes by without someone asking me how I have so much energy. Between regularly flying around the world, building companies, logging hundred-hour work weeks, and a strong inclination towards partying, it’s not unreasonable to assume that I should be exhausted.

But I’m not. To a certain extent, I’ve learned to properly harness my hyperactive disposition. Yet, more importantly, I believe the heuristics I’ve developed for managing my energy are far more vital, and I believe they are replicable.

It’s necessary for me to note, that as an individual with a great respect for the sciences, I’ve been…

Centralization has always been a necessary evil when it comes to content.

The reason for this is that there was no other way to properly manage the exchange of value.

Then the internet came along and provided a revolutionary tool for the frictionless uploading, exchange, and dissemination of information. This development has fundamentally changed humanity…however, when it comes to online transactions of value, whether that value is money, titles, real estate, etc., we still rely on the same centralized intermediaries, such as banks and governments, that we’ve relied on for decades or even centuries.

Attempts to decentralize content were some of the notable innovations of the early web due to the relative ease of uploading files. Nevertheless, peer-to-peer file sharing applications, such as Kazaa and BearShare, failed due to being…

A Brief Look at the Rising Cryptoeconomy

This piece will appear in the upcoming issue of Distributed magazine, a publication I started with BTC Media to serve as a primer on blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Preface: I first wrote the “Intro to Cryptoassets” the night before the inaugural issue of Distributed went to press in late 2016. My tardiness was less the consequence of procrastination, rather than a sudden realization that we had a gaping hole in a text that was supposed to introduce newcomers to this quickly emerging innovation. The term “cryptoassets” had not yet been popularized, and…

The foundation of my own narrative

Recently, I have discovered that the public persona I have created for myself comes with some downsides— foremost being my inability to fully control my image. With that lesson learned, my hope is that I can be inspired to write more and share the best version of myself.

Foremost, I will outline my life philosophies as much as possible over the coming months and years. Ray Dalio’s Principles, which I recently read, has been an incredible inspiration (and I encourage everyone to read it.)

The first principle I will lay out is the concept of failing efficiently.

Failure is a…

I will match up to $100,000 in donations to BEN before January 1

Blockchain technology, as an overarching industry, has developed leaps and bounds from its geeky, white, cypher-punk roots of yore. (“Yore” being 2015, as it was only a couple years ago that I was total outlier for simply being a moderate liberal.)

When I first entered this space, in earnest, at the end of 2013, I realized that the lack of diversity in “Bitcoin” (as this industry was referred) was entirely untenable if we wanted a true crypto-economy to emerge.

What good, I asked myself, is decentralized money…

Jeremy Gardner

Occasional founder (@AusumVentures, @AugurProject, @BlockchainEDU, @UnsungOrg, SAAVHA, @AusumVentures), perpetual strategist, blockchainer.

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